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MANDVI Handwoven with undyed sheep and goat wool, this 3x5' rug works in any space. Bold yet neutral with tribal motifs. Handwoven by 5th generation master weavers in India. SUNDAY / MONDAY Handwoven 100% Wool Indian Flatweave Rug, Mandvi, Black and white wool area rug made in tribal indigenous traditional motifs triangle zig-zag diamond.  Handmade in Kutch, Gujarat detail

The geometric composition of this woven work of art will add effortless style to any room. Named for the port city of Kutch and area of summer retreat for the Maharao (king), this design is reminiscent of tidal patterns on a sandy beach.

  • Handwoven in Kutch, Gujarat, India.
  • 35 ¼ x 63 inches +/-
  • 100% undyed wool
  • Spot clean as needed and vacuum regularly.

The thick yarn used produces a soft and luxurious medium weight rug that will last 100 years. Father and sons from a fifth generation family of artisans weave these rugs by hand using the traditional kharad weaving technique. Kharad weavers use a basic horizontal loom because it is easy to set up and dismantle, fitting their nomadic lifestyle. The black and white colors are the natural shades of the goat and sheep wool used, 100% undyed and untreated. The miri braid on each end is a finishing technique distinctive of this region and a signature feature of this rug.

Due to the nature of handmade goods, slight variations occur.