Exciting news to share — 2023 was deeply transformative for us and we are ready to make monumental changes at Sunday Monday and you’ll notice our products are all sold out. This means we are saying goodbye to all of our current hand block printed offerings and we will not be making more of these designs in the future. Instead, we plan to move into a new direction that involves more artisan relationships, a wider variety of craftsmanship techniques, and greater experimentation.

We have exciting travels planned to India and Japan in the next few months, and hope you will continue to follow along on Instagram as we share more of our new direction starting next month. We will also be in touch via newsletter.

The fine print

We are keeping our name and are not closing our shop permanently. This is not goodbye.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or if there is a textile you are dreaming of and wanting to know if we still have any extra! We are so looking forward to our travels and new partnerships, and know this is a positive decision for us.

Thank you for being here and believing in our small business. It means the world to us.

xo Nisha and Brendan

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