Sunday / Monday


SUNDAY/MONDAY is a textile brand established by Nisha Mirani and Brendan Kramer in 2017. 

SUNDAY/MONDAY’s mission is to produce handmade textiles honoring India’s ancient craftsmanship traditions to support textile artists and help preserve textile crafts.

We partner directly with weaving families in Gujarat and a block printing family in Rajasthan. Other than some of our hand woven rugs designed by our weavers, SUNDAY/MONDAY textiles are designed in New York by Nisha and Brendan and are informed by traditional Indian motifs. The designs are then shared with the weavers or block printers in India, who provide input.

We visit India 1-3 times a year to collaborate and prototype with our group of textile artists. Otherwise, we keep in touch long distance using Whatsapp for phone calls, photos and feedback.

SUNDAY / MONDAY hopes to challenge conventional ideas about traditional Indian design by promoting some of the more minimal and monochromatic traditions indigenous to the region. 

SUNDAY / MONDAY comes from a phrase used in India to indicate the duality of textiles. Oftentimes, an Indian textile is reversible, with a different pattern or color scheme on the other side.  In a practical sense, textiles can be  multi-functional - serving as art, rugs, or throws.

By using high quality materials and traditional manual processes, SUNDAY/MONDAY hopes to support the preservation of Indian craftsmanship while also creating beautiful, one-of-a-kind heirloom textiles.